Cranial Assessment and Adjusting in Burlington

The bones of the skull, or cranium, are designed to expand and contract to allow for normal daily fluctuations in fluid levels. This includes circulation of blood and Cerebro-Spinal Fluid, which provide nutrients to the nerves of your brain and helps to remove waste products and toxins.

The Missing Piece to your Neurological Health in Burlington

Under certain stressors, the cranial plates may become "stuck". The loss of normal expansion and contraction leads to a traffic jam that decreases flow, creates an inability for fluids to properly move through your skull, and, ultimately, causes a decrease in oxygen to the brain. As a result, symptoms can appear including dyslexia, brain fog, depression, anger, headaches, trouble with memory or improper body temperature regulation.

A simple yet precise adjustment of the cranial plate can restore proper blood flow and CSF flow, improving the health of the tissues and restoring function, sometimes within a few minutes.

When your brain is able to function at its best, greater healing can occur in the rest of the body as well.


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